What does open comb razor mean? | The difference between open and closed comb razor.

This is a common question many novices have when entering to traditional shaving.

The meaning of open comb razor refers to razor head used in the double edge (DE) safety razors. It’s the part that holds a razor blade and connects to the razor handle.

To put it simply, the open comb razor head has a row of teeth running in a length of the razor blade just below it. They help to guide the hair of your beard and allow finer shave, as the blade is more exposed. Thanks to the open structure the open comb razor head is less likely to clog up, especially with a longer beard.

The difference between open comb razor and closed comb razor.

As you might of guess the closed comb razor is, well, more closed. Instead of an open tooth, it has a straight safety bar in a length of the razor blade. Adding an extra layer of protection making it the first choice for beginners. But is respectively enjoyed by experienced shavers who prefer the added safety.

An image to describe the difference between an open comb and closed comb razor. Two different views to show the difference.Should I use an open comb or closed comb razor?

Your choice comes down to your level of expertise and personal preference. There is nothing more to it.

I  started with closed comb razor just because it felt safer to start with. And as you technique improves you can move to open comb razors and why not to straight razor.

Either way, the good shave starts with a proper preparation. So make sure to use plenty of water in the preparation phase- take a shower or wash your beard before the shave. I would say this is the most crucial part of the preparation. Warm water makes the whiskers soft and prepares them for the excellent shave. And always use protective shaving soap or cream. We wrote a longer step-by-step guide on How To do Traditional Shaving on our blog. This is perfect for you if you are just starting off with traditional shaving.

I hope this distinction between open and closed comb razor is now more clear to you. If you have any questions or would like to add your share to the writing, make your voice heard by commenting below.

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