Finding best-performing shaving products thru daily testing.

Bringing you excellent performing products is our mission at Blake’n Blade Shave Shop. But how do we know if the product is good and if it is a top performer?

We have a testing team just for that purpose.

It all began with my personal search with a simple purpose, to find a shaving soap that I like. Little did I know where this all will lead.

I came from shaving with multi-blade razors, using a canned shaving foam and shaving gel. When I first started using a DE safety razor, I learned using them by watching videos. I asked questions from customer service before buying soaps and creams. What amazed me, was how little the businesses selling shaving soaps and razors knew of the products.

Sure, there are shaving shops with professional and knowledgeable personnel. But somehow I stumbled upon the ones who were kind of mediocre to put it lightly.

I wanted suggestions and now thinking back to the time when I started using DE safety razor and shaving soap. What people want is a recommendation and know-how that comes from experience.

This is why when I opened Blake’n Blade Shave Shop I invited my friends to help me and test different products. Testing is how we choose the products. By first using them daily enables us to know the ins and outs and thus serve you better. And by daily I mean not one or two days. We usually try the products till the can or tube is empty. Using them till the end also gives them a fair chance to prove they are worthy of our shop top shelves.


The Three Pillars of best performing shaving product


When choosing the products we lean on these beliefs that contribute to quality:

The products have to perform well, be skin friendly and as natural as possible.


Exceptional Performer Badge

However, there are shaving products that stand out from the crowd, they shine. They are not just good products, but these have surprised even our testing group. That’s why we have introduced an Exceptional Performer badge.

Winner of Excellent Performer award by our testing team.

The Exceptional Performer badge is given to a product that has all the qualities we are looking. These were, the product has to:

  • Perform well
  • Be skin friendly
  • Use natural ingredients as much as possible

And also to get the Exceptional Performer badge the product needs to surprise our testing team positively. As of writing this, there is only one product that has met all these requirements, and we expect it to grow slowly but steadily.


So now you know how we find the top performers and what the testing lab (testing group) is about. Would you like to test shaving products for us?


The world of traditional shaving is huge, and we sure are missing some top performers. If you know any you think we ought to try; please drop us a line.

Discovering quality shaving!

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