Reviewing Le Pere Lucien Oud-Santal Shaving Soap

Le Pere Lucien (LPL) is one of my favorite artisan soap makers. So I was very eager to review and test Cyril’s new soap when I first heard of its release.
Up until now, they have only made 100% vegan shaving soaps. The new Oud-Santal (Sandalwood) is first to contain tallow.

It is currently only available as a 200g and comes in their stylish and eye-catching metal tin. Very handy as you can reuse it to store some tiny items or refill it with their soap refills. I like the green mindset behind refilling.

Image of stylish metal tin that the Le Pere Lucien Oud-Santal Shaving Soap comes in

Nice looking metal tin that can be refilled when the initial soap runs out.

My first impression after opening the tin is the scent.
It is sweet and reminded me a bit of Abbate Y La Mantia’s Crumiro that is based on the scent of famous Italian biscuit.

Like with other LPL soaps, it is a soft soap, croap if you will and should thus whip into a nice lather without effort.

For this shave, I used my favorite brush at the time, Omega S-Brush 10018 (synthetic bristles). It is a brush that I have come to like very much as it gets you to perfect lather in no time.

Review: The proper amount of Oud-Santal soap

Added my usual LPL soap amount 1.5 almond size drop. I have come to find that you need more of LPL soap to get the amount of lather for three + touchup pass. So it is not a lather bomb quantity wise.
In case you are using a brush made of natural hair, like badger, boar or horse, you will likely need to top it up even more.

image of how much Le Pere Lucien Oud-Santal soap is needed for three pass shave. Take about 1.5 almond size drop.

The amount of Le Pere Lucien Oud-Santal soap needed for three pass shave. Take about 1.5 almonds size drop to get proper amount of lather.

When lathering, you can already get a feel that thanks to tallow the soap has above the average slickness.
It took me a bit longer to whip the lather (over a minute and up to two minutes), but as its Sunday morning, there is no hurry.
And one thing I have become to appreciate after starting with traditional shaving. Is that you take your time for the shave. It’s like morning meditation.
And by traditional shave, I refer to using quality shaving soaps, double edge razor, and a shaving brush.

When working the soap into a brush the added water brings out other more woody nuances of the soap. Its scent characteristics can be summed with sweet and woody with hints of wet forest ground, where sweetness is dominating.

The first pass is as usual with the grain (WTG). Using Rockwell 6C razor on a setting three with fresh out of the pack Gillette Blue Extra blade.

The lather is dense and thick, its thicker than LPL other soaps. After the first pass, I would say that the shave and residual slickness is four on a scale of five. The second pass is across the grain (ATG) the lather holds well and does not fade off.
Like with every other soap on the market the glide on the second pass is smoother. And the LPL holds its slickness well.
It seems that I don’t need a third nor touchup, that is a good sign. The residual slickness is felt but not overly so and can be easily washed off.

Post wash feel is good not dry or shrinking feeling. For my personal preferences, I needed to add a post-shave moisturising balm to finish off the shave.

Image of rich lather created from Le Pere Lucien Oud-Santal shaving soap and how much is left after two passes.

There is plenty of lather left for third and touch-up passes.

Summing up the review of Le Pere Lucien Oud-Santal

I very much like Le Pere Lucien soaps. But I also acknowledge that LPL soaps if any have the very distinct scent-feel signature. And some people don’t like his soaps.

I will say that his new Oud & Sandalwood is different than his other soaps. It still has his usual earthiness. But OUD & Sandalwood is not as herby as say his Traditional shaving soap.
In similarity, it leans a bit towards his Cedar and Pachouli soap with the distinct addition of Oud that is smoky and sweet with hints of forest ground.

The soap is for the person who likes sweet, woody and darker scents and loves the soap that is easily washed off. Without any hard-to-get-off residue feel that might occur on soaps containing bentonite clay and tallow.

I would rate this soap 4.5 out of 5 and only because personally, I search more moisturising properties from tallow containing soaps.
But as always in life and shaving notably, your mileage might vary.

I urge you to give LPL soaps another trial if you happen to be in a no-like-LPL party.
And if you are a fan of Cyril’s soaps and like sweet scents, it will be a perfect addition to your shaving rotation.

As always I like to hear from your experience. Leave your thoughts in comments and keep up the excellent shave.


On the second use on Sunday, I was left to think that I used too little water on the previous day. On Sunday the shave slickness was perfect, and I got it lathered up quickly. I used the synthetic brush straight from a bowl filled with water and did not squeeze or shake off any excess water. Otherwise, the hardware setup was the same as on previous day.

The lesson here is that don’t judge the product on the first use 🙂 Le Pere Lucien Oud-Santal shaving soap is an excellent soap.

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