Reviewing Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Principe Real shaving cream

Here is my take on the new Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Principe Real shaving cream– the green one. This is my first public review of a long series to come. I will keep the reviews short (up to 4-minute reads) and to the point and will be as impartial as I can.

As some of you might know we are testing every product we ever consider stocking. Some of those products will end up in the bin, and the best ones end up on shelves at the shop. This practice has many benefits that I might cover in another post.

To start with I’m more to shaving soap person and this is my first shaving cream test. So I have still a lot to learn. My comparison is thus based on shaving soaps.

I already hear someone saying you can’t compare cream and soap.  Why not? They both share the same function that is to protect your chin while shaving.

To the actual test of Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Principe Real new shaving cream

I was on holiday in France with my family, so the testing environment was a bit unusual. But that gave different angles to view things.

Reviewd and used tube of Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Principe Real shaving cream

It took more than a month to emty this tube

My standard gear for the tests:

  • Edwin Jagger DE86BL razor with Sputnik razor blade
  • Mühle shaving brush with silvertip fiber and bog oak handle.

I used the full tube over a period of five weeks, and I shave daily with minor exceptions.  So you will be reading the conclusion of that entire period.

The scent

Clearly, the first thing you will notice; it’s fresh and spicy but not too much. Inspired by the green areas of Principe Real district in Portugal. Hints of earthy and sweet notes tune down the spiciness. It is kind of conservative scent for me. Then Antiga Barbearia de Bairro is also known for their traditional approach. Because of the lime-chilly combo, it has a modern touch, and I like it.

The scent is not overly strong and does not stay with you for long after you have finished shaving. I did not sense it after about 30 minutes or so, but that might be because I got used to it.  So it is OK to meet with people without feeling like a walking flower bush 🙂

The lather

I used a metal bowl to make the lather and a drop of shaving cream (about an almond size drop). It lathered up quickly, and there was a first note I made. The lather seems thin and not thick and creamy. I continued with lathering in the hope that it will grow thicker, but it did not happen.

Can it be because I use a synthetic brush and it needs a softer and finer badger brush?

One of my friends tried a different approach for applying the cream. From tube straight to his face, without lathering. Although he was pleased with a result, commenting he had a good shave. And that it was easy to wash off compared to one of L’Occitane creams he was using at the time. I have always used a shaving brush to create lather so I wanted to give it a try.  And?  If you are using quality gear, don’t try it. Possible only if you are still using a multi-blade razor.

As I have used soaps that at first glance create thin lather, yet are excellent performers I was not worried. So I carried on with a shave.

The shave with new Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Principe Real shaving cream

Application of the cream was a breeze and the scent awakening.

My gear is far from being aggressive, with EJ closed comb razor head and Sputnik blade I felt confident.

Unfortunately, this confidence evaporated after a first pass along the grain. The glide of the razor was decent, but not the best I have experienced. The downside-the cream is not as protective as I am used to getting from using shaving soaps.

For a couple of mornings I tried to do two passes, but gave up and continued with one pass. My technique with the shaving cream improved over time. Yet I still had small nicks with every shave.

My usual shave consists of two or three passes when I’m using shaving soap. That was not possible with Antiga Barbearia de Bairro shaving cream. Although I only got away with a single pass, the result was surprisingly good. The blade got closer to the skin, so there was not a significant need for a second pass. Perhaps some touch up’s would have helped, but I felt that the razor is already too close to my skin 🙂


Given the circumstances that I was traveling and my morning time with my shaving gear was limited. I found this shaving cream to have a nice spicy scent with sweet notes. But below average protective capabilities, so keep your alum stone near.

Depending on your shaving gear the cream is good for one pass. Giving you a quick and Socially Acceptable Shave (SAS). I felt it was a good travel companion where there wasn’ t  time for details.

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