Review Le Père Lucien Aftershave Lotion

It has been a while when we posted some product review.  Today I review Le Père Lucien aftershave lotion Barbier.

Our testing team has been busy, and we won’t write about every product that we test. But I just felt that this Le Père Lucien aftershave review is something that I must write.

I have been a long time user of their shaving soaps, and I highly recommend these. The soaps are available at our shave shop.

But now let us get back to his aftershave lotion review. Till now I have not been a huge fan of aftershave lotions. Must be due to my Soviet time background, when the selection was limited. And the ones used were cheap smelling colognes 🙂


Review Le Père Lucien aftershave lotion – The scent

If you are like me and not like vigorous and long lingering smells, then this aftershave lotion will be for you.

All Le Père Lucien products are handmade in small batches and contain natural ingredients.
The scent is mild, fresh, herbal, reminding me of our visits to Provence gardens in France. The scent is a combination of ten different essential oils.  It is balanced, and none of the scents stick out from the group. The main notes are from lavender, sage, and Niaouli. Followed by rosemary, thyme, and vetiver.  Masculine and little woody kind of combination.


Post Shave feel of Le Père Lucien aftershave lotion

This is the most exciting part for me. As I use aftershave balms most of the time. The sensation of applying aftershave lotion was that caught me. I would say ’splash’ is an excellent term to describe the feeling 🙂

If you are a morning shaver and still feel sleepy after finishing your shave. This aftershave will wake you up.

It is like jumping into cold water after a hot sauna. Or throwing a bucket of cold water to your face –  refreshing, invigorating.

The post shaving feeling is smooth, and to my surprise, it did not dry my skin at all. Instead due to vegetable glycerin, it felt soft and moisturised.

If you happen to live in a colder climate like I do. Then add a small drop of aftershave balm to finish off and protect from a chilly winter weather. Balm can be skipped in the warmer months, as the glycerin will add enough for good post shave feel.
That’s it! The best aftershave lotion to date, sais our testing team and you will soon see it at our shave shop shelves.

If you want to read more about the Le Père Lucien and the Lelégard family. Then we wrote a post about Le Père Lucien – Story of Artisan Soap Maker in our blog.

What are your thoughts on it? Please leave your comments below.

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