Vulfix Synthetic Shaving Brush


Vulfix Synthetic Brushes – Benefits

  • Hand-made and animal-friendly
  • Composed of premium-grade synthetic fibres
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Has enough backbone
  • Available in multiple sizes, H1 Small, H2 Medium, H3 Large
  • Lathe-turned and polished handle
  • Produces no whiff
  • Dries quickly and therefore ideal while traveling
  • Can be used with any shaving soap or cream
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The Vulfix synthetic shaving brushes are more than shaving tools, they are the voice of antiquity with a history spanning eight decades. Vulfix old original shaving brush company, that bought the erstwhile A.E Simpson company, is the manufacturer of Vulfix brushes. Known for their range of hand-made brushes made of badger hair, they are the symbols of sophistication. The Vulfix synthetic brushes are the vegan substitutes of their super-badger variants, crafted for the ethically driven men of today.


Why should you choose Vulfix Synthetic brushes?

A wet shaving enthusiast like you is bound to love the softness of the synthetic fiber tips of the vulfix shaving brush. The bristles are tapered to various points of thickness like natural hair. It comes with a lathe-turned resin handle even within a moderate price range. The girth is just right, ensuring customer satisfaction to the fullest.

If you are looking for a shaving brush with a dense knot and good backbone, this is the right fit for you. However, the density of the brush does not affect splaying. It can withhold pressure and at the same time splays easily. Vulfix brushes retain just the right amount of water to produce the perfect lather. Say goodbye to a runny shaving experience with these gems.

What makes the Vulfix brushes fare better than its competitors?

Backbone and lather are determined by the loft height and the knot density of the shaving brush. The small-sized Vulfix brush has a higher loft than the average market size and the knot is also bigger in comparison to other synthetic brushes. So, if you are looking for a nonanimal brush that has a good backbone and creates the perfect lather, the Vulfix brushes are your safest bet. But not too dense or too high to make it stiff or restrict splaying. Some synthetic brushes tend to get tangled very easily. However, the Vulfix maintains a clean track record.

Synthetic brushes often lack a good backbone and are hard to spread. The Progress Shaving Brush Limited with their Vulfix range has managed to hit the sweet spot between density and effective splay.

The Vulfix shave brush H1, H2 and H3 size comparison

Below is a comparison of the different brushes. Look also at the image gallery for more visual comparison and pick the desired brush from the drop down menu above.

Vulfix Synthetic H1 Vulfix Synthetic H2 Vulfix Synthetic H3
Overall brush height 93mm 105mm 115mm
Handle height 40mm 45mm 50mm
Knot loft 55mm 60mm 65mm
Knot diameter 25mm 25mm 30mm

Some tips for using the synthetic Vulfix shave brush

Make sure the synthetic fibers do not come in contact with hot water. Leave it to dry after each use. Place the brush upside down on a stand to allow air circulation. To get the best result, instead of sweeping the brush across the skin in a swirling motion, apply strokes like you would use a paintbrush.

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Vulfix H1, Vulfix H2, Vulfix H3


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