Vie-Long 13061 Horse Hair Shaving Brush


  • Horse hair
  • Acrylic handle
  • Loft : 58 mm
  • Knot: 24 mm

Made in Spain.

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The Vie-Long 13061 is made with natural horse hair which consists of 50% mane and 50% tail. As a classic, the knot is designed to be handsome than other competitors. It is a combination of firm hair and soft tips. This is due to the careful manufacturing process which is applied to Vie-Long 13061 Shaving Brush.

The horse hair used on the brush has been harvested from the animal, and no harm occurred to the animals. The hair is collected once the horse undergoes a hair cut which happens during normal horse care and hygiene. Thanks to the long horse hair, users can whip up great lathers with it. This makes it an excellent choice for shavers.


Notes from our testing team

There are two things a shaver notices first. The ergonomics of Vie-Long 13061 shaving brush is fantastic; it sits well in your hand. The handle is made of two-colored high-quality resin and is on a smaller-medium size.

Secondly, the brush feels very soft when wet and when applying lather it gives you a kind of smooth-roundish massage effect. Hope it makes sense to you 🙂 Very different from what we have experienced on shaving brushes made of badger hair or boar bristles. The backbone of the hair is sufficient but definatelly on the ‘softer’ side.

Goes well with shaving creams and softer type of soaps (croap) but can equally be used with you favorite triple milled hard soap. Just make sure to work in that soap for a bit longer, so you have enough to work with on those three pass shaves.

Horse hair brushes tend to have more of that ’animal smell’ than the other brushes. The smell usually disappears after two weeks of daily use. You can also accelerate the process by giving the brush a good shampooing (three or more times). Make sure to use a mild shampoo like baby shampoo or similar and rinse well after the wash.

Overall it is an excellent shaving brush to have in your rotation for those softer shaving times.



Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 cm





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