Vie-Long Two Band Horse Hair Shave Brush


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The conveniently small size of Vie-long 13710 shave brush is extremely comfortable in hand and makes the shaving brush easy to manoeuvre and for applying lather.
VieLong is the oldest and well known Spanish brush maker. Producing fine grade horse hair shaving brushes since 1940.

The model 13710 has a two-band knot using 50% tail and 50% mane hair that is obtained during the animal’s regular caring procedure. So no harm is done to animals. While the hair from the tail ads backbone, the hair from the mane lends its softness.

The reddish-brown acrylic handle is durable, has an ergonomic shape and is easy to care for.

  • Overall brush height – 93mm
  • Handle height – 43mm
  • Knot loft – 50mm
  • Knot diameter – 21mm
  • Weight – 45g


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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 15 cm





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