Simpson Trafalgar Shaving Brush


  • Sovereign class synthetic knot
  • Available in small, medium and large size
  • Gel tip feel
  • Quick drying
  • hand made
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Your next shave can be even more satisfying with the Simpson Trafalgar Synthetic Shaving Brush. The new-generation shaving brush from the Alexander Simpson Est. 1919 line packs the conveniences sought by the discerning modern man.


The elegant lathe turned faux ivory handle offers an ergonomic grip to minimize finger and hand fatigue.

Rich and thick lather

The handle holds Sipmsons  Sovereign grade synthetic fibre that feels soft yet firm on your skin. Nylon hairs don’t absorb too much water. You can be economical with your shaving cream as you need only a small amount of it to work into a rich lather.

Great for trips

Quick-drying, the Trafalgar synthetic brush keeps your luggage dry on business trips that require daily grooming.

Low maintenance

If you’re making a change from badger to synthetic, you’ll appreciate how the latter keeps its shape and frays far more slowly than the former. Generally, synthetic shaving brushes don’t need a great deal of maintenance to preserve their quality.


Simpson shaving brushes hark back to 1919 and continue being crafted using hand-tied knots on the Isle of Man.

Difference between the Simpson Trafalgar Synthetic Shaving Bruch T1, T2 and T3

The main difference between Trafalgar T1, T2 and T3 shaving brushes are their size. Below is the comparison of the three in detail. The specifications are approximate. 

Trafalgar T1 Trafalgar T2 Trafalgar T3
Overall brush height 82mm 90mm 100mm
Handle height 40mm 46mm 50mm
Knot loft 42mm 44mm 50mm
Knot diameter 23mm 24mm 26mm

How to use the Simpson Trafalgar Faux Ivory Shaving Brush

Wet the brush. Put a small amount of shaving cream at the centre. The Trafalgar synthetic brush makes a thick lather in seconds. Coat your hair using upward strokes.


  • Soak the brush in warm or cold water
  • Gently flick the brush to remove excess water
  • Let it dry naturally


  • Use too hot water for it can bend the hairs
  • Press down hard as it can twist the hair in the middle of the brush

Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 12 × 4.5 × 4.5 cm



Trafalgar T1, Trafalgar T2, Trafalgar T3


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