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Mühle Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush


  • Mühle Kosmo Series
  • Shaving brush with Silvertip Fibre
  • Ring size M: 21 mm to unscrew
  • Handles made of bog oak with chrome-plated metal highlights
  • Dimensions: 35 mm x 110 mm
  • Weight: 84 g
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The Mühle Kosmo 31H873 is made with the finest materials available. The handle is made from incredibly rare and unique bog oak wood which has been retrieved from natural bogs after many years of soaking in the bogs tannins. The oak is then cleaned, treated and sealed with fine oils in order to leave a clean, satin finish. A single, lustrous chrome ring holds the exquisite silver fibre brush in place.

The unbelievable soft, faux silver badger hair (Silvertip Fibre) is exclusively produced by Mühle (Muhle). The soft tipped vegan fibres are completely synthetic, as well as resistant to water, creams and soaps. Premium synthetic shaving brush hair is considerably stiffer than real badger hair in the midsection of the brush, leading to better control and movement while wet, and easier cleanup after. More rigid hair makes it an excellent choice when using hard soaps.

Additional information

Weight 320 g
Dimensions 19 × 8,5 × 6 cm




1 review for Mühle Premium Synthetic Shaving Brush

  1. Andris

    I got the muhle synthetic brush at first because I liked the bog oak handle 🙂 It was my first shaving brush. Very solid built and you can feel the quality. What I specially like is that you can swap the brush on it. So if you want to try muhle badger hair brush just buy it separately. One note, the brush might get loose on the first shave, just tighten it and I did not experience this on future shaves.

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