Merkur Slant 37C Safety Razor Chrome


  • Chrome-plated Merkur Slant 37C Safety Razor
  • Slant bar for efficient cut takes care of even the coarsest beard
  • Total length: 8 cm
  • Included in the box is one Merkur blade
  • Made in Germany

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If you want a razor that not only looks good beside your bathroom sink, but also gives you a close shave, the Merkur Slant 37C Safety Razor with slant-bar is the razor for you. It’s chrome-plated, meaning it will keep its sleek look for years to come and the 2-piece double edge razor allows you to unscrew the top head piece from the base handle. The 3” handle with non-slip grip makes it much easier to hold too!

The most important feature of the Merkur Slant 37C Safety Razor is its slant blade. This is the thing that gives you the close shave. The Merkur 37C slant bar removes stubble easily and efficiently, especially for those of you with thick stubble. But the slant blade is also good for sensitive skin, as it significantly reduces cutting pressure. Either way, the Merkur Slant 37C Safety Razor gives style and functionality.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 3 cm





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