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If you’re looking for even more lather in your shaving soap, you’ve found the right product. Le Pere Lucien Oud Santal Shaving Soap gives you easier glide with moisture, unlike any other. But what we like most about LPL’s shaving soap, is its masculine scent – a delicate blend of oud and santal. It’s sweet and earthy, and lingers, even a few hours after shaving.

To get the most lather for a close shave, we recommend really wetting your shaving brush and working the shaving soap up to one minute (you’ll know when it’s’ ready, the foam will be thick and has a shiny glare). When you’re finished, leave the tin open (as it will dry and last longer), and the sweet earthiness of LPL’s Oud Santal Shaving Soap will also keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

How to use Le Pere Lucien Oud Santal Shaving Soap

Le Pere Le Pere Lucien soaps need more than usual amount of soap. Where usual amount is about an almond size drop, you will need to take about one and a half almond size. This will create enough lather for tree + touch-up pass. Start building lather with a damper than usual shaving brush.

If when doing your first pass you feel as if the lather is drying out, dip the shaving brush tips to water and work that into the lather.

LPL Oud Santal Ingredients

Potassium cocoate, potassium stearate, aqua, potassium tallowate, butyrospermum parkii butter, coconut fatty acid, glycerine, parfum, benzyl benzoate, alpha isomethyl ionon, hexyl cinnamal, eugenol


Le Pere Lucien is one of well known French artisans making shaving soaps and other grooming products to men and women alike. To learn more about its products and soap making, head over to our blog.

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Le Père Lucien


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