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There is nothing more natural or refreshing than a gentle rain falling in the forest. It restores the forest floor to its original suppleness and releases the pleasant fragrances of foliage living there. The fresh scent of ferns is both soothing and enticing and stays fresh for hours.

Just as Mother Nature knows what’s best for rejuvenating the Earth, Le Pere Lucien shaving soap knows what’s best for rejuvenating your skin. In addition to keeping your skin the healthiest it can be, we have captured the alluring fragrance of fern.

Le Pere Lucien Cologne Fougère Shaving Soap  is made from natural ingredients that will refresh and maintain your skin with each use.

As you apply the shaving soap and work it into a rich, creamy lather, our specially chosen oils will help protect your skin from nicks and cuts. Your shaving blade will glide smoothly across the fragrant lather. core ingredients include Potassium cocoate, Glycerin and coconut fatty acids to keep your skin soft. We’ve captured the fresh scent of fern after a fallen rain to enhance your shaving experience to last all day.

We have written about the family of Le Pere Lucien at our blog if you are interested.


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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3,5 cm

Le Père Lucien


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