Lainess Blue Pearl Shave Soap


The Lainess Blue Pearl Shaving Soap comes with the following benefits:

  • Facilitates a clean shave
  • Includes only organic compounds
  • Bio-product with no side effects for the skin
  • Delicate scent
  • Protects your skin during shaving
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Lainess Blue Pearl shave soap is an extravagant donkey milk shave soap that includes 17% organic fresh mare’s milk. What sets this soap apart from others is the fact that the manufacturer has used the milk of a one-of-a-kind stallion called Blue Pearl. This fiery, young horse offers creamy, vitamin-rich milk that offers superior benefits to the skin compared to the traditional mare milk.

The Lainess Blue Pearl Shaving Soap is undoubtedly a superior product made in collaboration with the famous Le Pere Lucien, soap artisan based in France. Take your shaving experience to a whole new level. Its perfume can be described as light, fresh, oceanic.

How to use the Blue Pearl Shave Soap

Wet the shaving brush and load it with a soap. Lather the soap either directly on your face or in a separate lathering bowl. Apply the lather to your face with a circular motion and shave. Reapply the lather after every pass for the best protective shave.

Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3,5 cm



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