Hexagon Safety Razor Anodised Aluminium Handle By Mark Braun


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World-renowned Berlin designer Mark Braun has produced the stunning safety razor Hexagon series for MÜHLE, resulting in the finest ergonomic shaving instrument. The award-winning design combines modern, traditional, and practical elements to ensure ergonomics, grip, and most importantly, functionality.

The Hexagon Safety Razors have a hexagonal handle made of anodised aluminium and bronze, with a closed-comb system that is compatible with classic razor blades. The matte metallic finish is available in three striking colours – Graphite, Forest, and Bronze. These earthy tones pay homage to Erzgebirge, the border between Saxony and Bohemia, where shaving culture has flourished. The new razor comes with MÜHLE’s classic R89 head.


How to use safety razor – Hexagon Double Edge Razor by Mark Braun

Shave after your shower or with a hot towel. The steam will soften the hair. Next, apply your shaving cream or soap and start at the side of your face. Hold the blade at 30 degrees and don’t apply any extra pressure. Shave your neck from the direction of your hair growth and finish up with the lip and chin area, stretching your skin to create a flat surface to shave.

Take your time and do several passes. Always start with the grain, then go across the grain and if you feel comfortable going against the grain, leave this pass last. For more detailed shaving instruction read the blog post about How To Do Traditional Shaving

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