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The Gillette Platinum blade is among our Top 3 in terms of smoothness and sharpness and will easily become your daily shaver. The overall experience is of course very personal, as with anything related to wet shaving, so you should test the blade with your setup. But more often than not, the Gillette Platinum double edge blades seems to pop up frequently in Shave of the day posts as a smooth shaver.

Gillette Platinum is a double edge blade that works well in both open comb and closed comb classic razors. Depending on the coarseness of ones beard they are good for several shaves.

For your convenience we have made the Gillette Platinum blades available, as a single blade sampler for testing, a pack of five blades or as set of 100 blades.

 How is Gillette Platinum blade compared to Silver Blue

As they have similar looking packaging this is often asked; how do Gillette platinum perform compared to Gillette Silver Blue ‘s. They are in fact very similar in their performance. Both are smooth and have equal longevity giving on average of 4-6 good shaves. But based on our experience, the Silver blues ‘feel’ just a hint sharper. Being sharper is not however always ‘better’ and it is overall efficiency and comfort that you should be after.

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1 sampler blade, Pack of 5 blades (1×5 blades), Set of 100 blades (20×5 blades)






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