DR Harris &Co Marlborough Shaving Soap in Beech Bowl 100gr


  • Hard soap, triple milled
  • Comes in a beech wood bowl
  • Refill soaps available
  • 100 gr/3.5oz
  • Made in the United Kingdom

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Not all soap is made equally. The triple-milled solid white DR Harris &Co Marlborough traditional shaving soap gives you a rich and luxurious lather, fragranced with Marlborough, a subtle blend of cedar and sandalwood.

Each Dr Harris &Co soap will last for several months and the beech wood bowl makes a distinguished bathroom feature that only looks better with age. Refill soaps available.


How to use DR Harris &Co Marlborough Shaving Soap with shaving brush

Wet your beard with warm water, with a wet shaving brush touch the soap and lather it up either in the bowl or directly on your beard.

Tip: As this Dr Harris &Co Marlborough shaving soap is hard soap, add a little water on top of the soap to soften the surface. Let it rest for a minute or two. This makes it easier to apply soap to the shaving brush. Use the blooming water to prepare your beard before the shave.

Additional information

Weight 265 g
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 6 cm

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