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What makes up a gentleman goes beyond the suit, leather shoes, leather belt, watch, tie, and that smartly ironed shirt. At Blake’n Blade Shave Shop, we believe that our customers need to have the right information regarding the best products available worldwide. Not only does it allow one to make the best choices, but also ensures they have a unique and durable product together in their shaving kit.

MÜHLE history starts from 1945. New batch being shipped to customers.

MÜHLE history starts from 1945. New batch being shipped to customers.

We have always chosen our products based on belief of long family tradition, best manufacturing principles, and product uniqueness. This is why MUHLE’s handcrafted and high-quality shaving brushes and double edge safety razors are our go to products, which are carefully selected for all our customers.

Due to modernization, shaving foams have flooded the market. They are gaining popularity thanks to their easy-to-dispose nature. This resulted in the shaving brush taking a back seat, the same for the shaving razors as electric beard clippers flooded the market.

Today, men have decided to re-adopt their father’s and grandfather’s grooming styles. This is why a shaving brush and safety razor is a go-to product for every bearded man. Once you start using MUHLE’s shaving razor and brush, you can never go back. Not only do they ensure efficiency when it comes to the application of shaving cream, but they also ensure the production of a rich lather too.


MUHLE- The Birth of a Great Brand


MUHLE (MÜHLE) is a German company with a long tradition of producing great and high-quality shaving razors, brushes and other accessories. Otto Johannes Muller found the company in 1945. Due to lack of funds, the business was started in a small kitchen where bristles were boiled and processed. The first products were shipped via horse-drawn carts.

Otto Johannes died in December 1945 but this didn’t mean death of the company. His son, Hans Jurgen, took over the business, which was already exporting to 36 countries as of 1963. The company changed hands from a private enterprise into a public entity. This was done under the direction of the German Leadership between the late 60s and early 80s. Due to political change in 1989, the company was privatized becoming owner managed until today.


Why The First Step Was Taken


MUHLE specializes in handcrafted unique shaving brushes made from high-quality fibers both natural and synthetic. The double edge safety razors are of high quality, as they don’t rust.

Otto Johannes began the business with a passion not only for earning money, but also for keeping up with a family tradition that spanned over a century. The founder possessed the optimism to find a small business despite conditions being difficult, especially in Post-World War II Germany. Despite all the challenges, the founder perceived through the difficulties ensuring that the business grew from a kitchen into a fully-fledged production facility. The first shipments were made to Greece, Russia and Middle East. Even with the factory being challenged and destroyed by fire at some point, the founder Otto Johannes Muller established the production facility in a former local textile firm to continue his legacy.

A lot of work at MÜHLE is still made by hand to ensure the top quality.

A lot of work at MÜHLE is still made by hand to ensure the top quality.

MUHLEs Guide To Greatness


MUHLEs has a long tradition that spans over 2 centuries. The family is constantly dedicated even in the past generations in the making of handcrafted shaving accessories. Until this day, MUHLEs sticks to its traditional manufacturing process of brush making. The company has its home in the Ezr Mountains.

Every single shaving brush made by MUHLEs is handcrafted, and this is why the product is not only fantastic but of high quality too. Thermal methods and oils are employed plus gleaming chrome and synthetic resin to ensure a high polish finish. To complete the final look, brass parts are chrome plated. This is why MUHLEs shaving brushes and double edge safety razors are different from other brands.


Why MUHLE Is The Best


MUHLE’s design concepts have been created in conjunction with selected designers. This not only ensures that the company is able to achieve high aesthetic standards, which withstand the test of time, but the products have proven their ergonomic suitability and longevity. Even today, the company’s actions are driven by a desire to achieve the highest quality. Thanks to the long tradition, that has spanned generations of the Muller family; the pioneering spirit of the founder still flows in every handcrafted Silvertip Fiber and double edge safety razor.

MUHLE is a member of the Environmental Alliance of Saxony thus; it’s committed to sustainability and high standards. Due to an exemplary in-house production and designs, MUHLE continues to be the world-leading provider of high quality and handcrafted wet shaving products and accessories.

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