Movember is here – Prepare Your Mustache

Finally, Halloween is over, and now Movember is just around the corner. What is Movember?

It is a term that refers to the month when Men’s health issues are highlighted. During this month, men kiss their shaving razors goodbye; participants don’t shave their mustaches –the facial hair that grows on the upper lip.

Movember is a global movement that occurs every year just like breast cancer awareness. During this occasion, men brave the task of growing mustaches with the purpose of raising money for charity.

This charity is set up to fight health issues that concern men; for example, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health problems like depression.


Movember — Where it All Started


According to history, the movement was started by 80 Australian guys. It began in 1999 when the Seven Nightly News aired the story that included 80 young men from Adelaide, South Australia. The guys coined the term Movember and came up with the idea of growing mustaches for charity during the month of November.

The idea was conjured up one night at a pub, and since then, the movement has become an annual event and a global phenomenon. In 2004, another group located in Melbourne, Australia decided to organize an event where they grew mustaches for 30 days. A group of 30 men organized this event, and they planned the event with the purpose of raising awareness of prostate cancer and depression among men.

This group of 30 guys led to what today is known as the Movember Foundation which is a charity foundation. Since its inception, the Movember Foundation has been able to raise over $170 million worldwide. The movement has spread from Australia to South Africa then to Europe finally reaching North America in 2006.


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Movember Rules


In order to participate, you need to register with the Movember Foundation official website. There are certain rules that one needs to follow during the month of Movember:

  • The event begins on November 1st, and you need to start it with a clean shave.
  • During the month of Movember, you need to grow and groom your mustache.
  • Sadly, beards are not allowed to participate.


Movember Fun Facts to Tickle Your Mustache

image of Movember moustage

Fun Fact One

Only 4 US Presidents have had a mustache during their terms. They include Chester A. Arthur, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, and William H. Taft. Since 1909, all US Presidents have been clean-shaven.


Fun Fact Two

On average, men with mustaches are known to touch it 760 times in a 24-hour period.


Fun Fact Three

Firemen are not allowed to grow facial hair. This is because it prevents breathing equipment from fitting well.


Fun Fact Four

In a deck of cards, the King of Heart is the only card without a mustache.


Fun Fact Five

The mustache is glorious. It perplexes, fascinates, and amuses.


Fun Fact Six

In 1988, a survey carried out among 100,000 women found out that 68 percent confirmed that a man with a mustache is a superior lover when compared to his clean-lipped brother.


Fun Fact Seven

Did you know that a fancy way of saying shaving is pogonotomy?


Fun Fact Eight

The oldest recorded mustache is known to date back to around 300BC.


Fun Fact Nine

Did you know that during the Victoria period, noblemen had mustache spoons that they used to protect their mustaches when eating soup? The spoon was made with a guard around the rim that acted as a barrier between the and the soup.


Fun Fact Ten

Five months is the duration spent by a man in his lifetime if he starts to shave at the age of 14, assuming that he lives to be 75 years old.

image of Movember moustage

Movember movement is the moment to throw away the secular tendencies, to relive the good gone days. Take your chance on November 1st to make a distinctive character by shaving your facial hair with high-quality products from Blake’ n Blade to mark an exceptional start. It will ensure quality mustache at the end of the occasion, and most importantly, it’s a grand opportunity to save a fellow man’s health condition.

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