Gillette Rubie Plus and Gillette Rubie. Is there a difference?

We received a new batch of Gillette Rubie Plus blades and to out surprise they are no longer called Rubie Plus, but simply Gillette Rubie’s. There are even Gillette Rubie Platinum Plus blades popping up occasionally, to add even more confusion.

While waiting for Gillette’s reply, I thought why not compare the two against each other. How they shave and what are their differences. 

I did not use any technical equipment to determine their sharpness or physical parameters – I simply shaved with them. So consider the results subjective.


Besides the logo, there is no difference between the old and the new Rubie. Even the barcode on the packaging is the same, both individual packaging and bulk 100 blade pack.

Side-by-side comparisson of the Gillette Rubie Plus and new Gillette Rubie razor blades.
Comparing the looks of Gillette Rubie Plus and new Rubie

Out of the box, the blade is wrapped into wax paper, but the branding on the actual blade has changed a bit. As Gillette did with Astra blades a few years back the new Rubie blade also features a laser engraved logo.

Results and the actual shave with Gillette Rubie Plus and Gillette Rubie

To compare the two, I decided to use the blades during the same shave on either side of my face. I loaded the blades into separate Rockwell razors, both gunmetal chrome, on a setting 3.

The result?

The new Rubie felt sharper and smoother right from the first stroke when compared to the old Rubie Plus. For those not familiar, then double edge blades usually get sharper after the first round. This is due to the coating on the blade edge to make them feel smoother. With it being smoother it loses a bit on the sharpness side during those first passes.

I can’t yet confirm whether they changed something on the new Rubie coating, but I will update the article once I have the reply from Gilette.

So here we are and it seems as the new Rubie has been upgraded a bit. It’s sharper and feels smooth right from the first pass. Ditching the printed logo and replacing it with a laser engraved one will also affect the environment. Although small, when looked at the single shaver perspective, when you combine all the used blades and the chemicals from the printed logo it will have a positive effect overall.

We still have some individual packs of old Rubie Plus in stock, so feel free to compare them yourself. Here are the direct links to either of them for your convenience; Gillette Rubie Plus and Gillette Rubie.

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